Rentable net area: 14,683m²

  • Height: 13 floors
  • Floor to floor height – 4m (typical office floors)
  • Minimum ceiling height – 2.65m (typical office)


  • 7 Mitsubishi elevators with 9 persons loading each. (3 standard lifts, 2 guest lifts, 1 restaurant lift, 1 service lift)
  • 2 fire stair ways (from 13 to ground floor)

Power management

  • 2 separate power sources of 10000VAC
  • 2 separate step-down transformers 1600kVA each
  • 2 separate redundancy bundled GenPower diesel generators of 1125kVA each

IT and communication

  • 2 separate fiber-optic line+ telephone loom (2x50 pairs)
  • 3 separate optional TV satellite signal source (TurkSat 42°, Eutelsat 13°, NTV+ 36°)

Water supply

  • One 300m³ underground water reservoir
  • One city water supply source
  • System bundle of Grundfos water pumps


  • Dedicated, access controlled parking area for 50 vehicles and alternative outside parking area for 60 vehicles. Additional parking space at nearest location for 300 vehicles.


  • 24/7 on site security service
  • Card access system for office entrance
  • 90 days archived CCTV and cameras monitoring points and public area inside and outside the building
  • Metal detector

Fire detection and building evacuation

  • Addressable fire alarm system
  • Emergency lighting & exit route signage
  • Exhaust ventilation with automatic outlet grill
  • Exit stairs discharge directly to the open air
  • Underground fire water reservoir with automatic high pressure fire pump
  • Fire-plug, hydrant - two points on each floor

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We present a 3D office project in City Point Baku, one of the most modern and comfortable Business Centers in Baku. To get information about the 3D-360 model, please follow this link: